Electric folk, rock and blues that stirs the soul and calms the mind.

Band Name:

Band Members:
Joe Forster – guitar
Stu McKie – bass
Sean Stokholm – guitar
Ray Kitney – drums

Music Style:
Folk Rock

What person/place/thing inspires you in Waterloo Region:
The dude who has been cruising King Street in Waterloo for years with the “I need one dollar” sign hanging off his Zellers shopping cart.  He represents the spirit of of this place in its purest form.

What is your favourite earth-friendly hobby or practice:
We gave up our coal fired amplifiers for electric models. The sound isn’t as good, but we’re committed to the greater good.

What is your favourite outdoor spot in Waterloo Region:
An UpTown Waterloo back yard on a warm summer night with an illegal campfire glowing and guitars strumming as everyone sing along.  Also, the parking lot outside the Kitchener Aud.