Tala_Syrian Refugee Fundraiser_2015

Tala, named after the Sanskrit word for rhythm, is a 12-women-strong performing group, with members drawn from instructor Kat van Groove’s Rhythmic Journey group hand-drumming classes.

“Drumming is an ancient community experience that connects us at the deepest level,” van Groove explains. “Tala’s mission is to plant seeds of possibility in the lives of girls and women. To share the bliss of creating and sharing big vibrational energy. To belong to a strong and supportive community. To choose solidarity over silence when facing injustice. And to joyfully celebrate this strange journey together.”

Tala lives these ideals, performing at events that directly support causes that affect girls and women, from yearly Take Back the Night and Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer fundraisers to Voices Carry, 2014’s positive protest against Bill Cosby’s performances in Kitchener.

Band Name:

Band Members:
All members sing and play the West African djembe as well as other percussion instruments from around the world.

Kat van Groove
Jenny Lorette
Julie Tyrer
Luiza Freiburger
Jessica Cave Richard
Jessica Bailey
Alison Feuerwerker
Tracey Rayner
Christine Haller
Cathy Jurchuk
Emily Carruthers
Arley Hodgins

Music Style:
Percussive world music

What person/place/thing inspires you in Waterloo Region:
The Perimeter Institute

What is your favourite earth-friendly hobby or practice:

What is your favourite outdoor spot in Waterloo Region:
Waterloo Public Square