Napoleon & His Handclap Orchestra


Loose, lyrical unplugged good times from humble blue-lit bedroom beginnings. Beautiful people bringing a side project to life. A folkier, bluesier Edward Sharpe (minus the cult-ish undertones).

Band Name:
Napoleon & His Handclap Orchestra

Band Members:
Maxx Hartt – guitar + vocals
Cam Bartel – multi-instrumental, vocals
Maliha Majeed – vocals, percussion
Annette Hartt – vocals
Will Towns – guitar
Ian Payne – bass
Jane Klinger – vocals, percussion

Music Style:
Indie folk

What person/place/thing inspires you in Waterloo Region:
The Grand Porch Party! (it is my favourite thing about this entire region).

What is your favourite earth-friendly hobby or practice:

What is your favourite outdoor spot in Waterloo Region:
Along the iron horse trail