Jesse Maranger

Jesse Maranger is a singer-songwriter living in Kitchener. His music is inspired by the way we interact with each other and with the earth we stand on. His songs do not shy away from the pains of life and they certainly do not ignore its joys. Jesse’s strong, emotive melodies will reverberate with something inside of you – something that realizes the beauty of raw, honest expression and the mystery of a room full of different people singing in harmony.

Band Name:
Jesse Maranger

Band Members:
Jesse Maranger – Guitar and Vocals

Music Style:

What person/place/thing inspires you in Waterloo Region:
We live in a beautiful place. I’m inspired by: winter snow on glowing houses, old streets lined with tall trees, and a summer that always ends too soon.

What is your favourite earth-friendly hobby or practice:
Bicycling around town!

What is your favourite outdoor spot in Waterloo Region:
I think the Huron Natural Area is the best. I often go there to get away from the buzz of the lights and the whirr of the streets.