Blue Lobelia

rockthroneBlending classical training and indie-folk inspiration, Rachel performs solo with a loop pedal to layer vocal harmony, strings and guitar. The music produced is tastefully rich with harmony & has been praised as hauntingly beautiful. Her presentation is a dance of instruments & pedal footwork usually performed with eyes-closed.

Band Name:
Blue Lobelia

Band Members:
Rachel Bruch – violin, guitar, voice, loop pedal

Music Style:

What person/place/thing inspires you in Waterloo Region:
The working centre (Hacienda Sarria Market Garden, queen street commons, etc), everyone in the music scene who is working to support the arts in this region, the view of the clouds in this city is always spectacular, Richard Garvey

What is your favourite earth-friendly hobby or practice:
Gardening and learning about plant species. I fully nerd-out for these two things!

What is your favourite outdoor spot in Waterloo Region:
In North Waterloo, overlooking the Grand River. I once saw an eagle 😉