Wooden Bridge

Wooden BridgeBand Name:
Wooden Bridge

Band Members:
Andy Hagen – guitar and vocals
DJ Thomson – fiddle


Andy and DJ met at the open stages of Guelph where Andy would play his emotionally driven acoustic songs often inviting accompaniment from anybody willing to join. Cue DJ… the fiddler in the room who always seemed to add to the mood of anyone’s songs. Anytime DJ was there he would join Andy on stage. Now they are playing shows wherever they can find a spot.

Our GPP 5th Birthday wish is: to play and hear lots of music while meeting a whole bunch of great people!
I conserve water by: collecting rain in rain-barrels for my gardens.
My favourite thing about Waterloo has got to be: the farmers’ market.. Apple fritters and buskers!
The only thing better than a porch party is: an entire neighbourhood of porch party!!

Web: www.reverbnation.com/wooden_bridge
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wooden-Bridge/1065063560187359

135 Dawson St.

3-4 pm

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