Vienna D’Amato Hall

Vienna D'Amato Hall-2Band Name:
Vienna D’Amato Hall

Blues, Folk-Rock

Vienna D’Amato Hall is a Canadian/American singer-songwriter who hails from a musical family. During the making of her debut album, It’s What The Dog Saw, she incorporated electric elements into her sound, resulting in story telling that progresses and weaves into the listeners head in a way that lingers long after the listening is done.

My GPP birthday wish is: porch peace.
I conserve water by: disregarding my laundry heap.
My favourite thing about Waterloo Region is: the breadth of talent in our musical community. It’s been really brilliant to move back after being away for five years.  By doing so, I feel like a bit of tourist which helps me to appreciate how nurturing this region really is.
The only thing better than a porch party is: not a thing.

Twitter: @viennahall

66 Dunbar Rd. S.

4:15-5 pm


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