To The Trees

To The TreesBand Name:
To The Trees

Band Members:
Trevor Martin, Isaac Bauman, Katelyn Bearinger, and Jake Bursey


We’ve expanded in the last few months to have more voices and instruments! We are excited to play some new covers and some originals. You’ll hear covers of songs by Jimmy Eat World, Coldplay, the Arkells, Rolling Stones, and more.

My GPP birthday wish is: for lots of sun this year!
I conserve water by: turning off the shower when I shave my legs and using leftover water from cooking for watering plants.
My favourite thing about Waterloo Region is: Owls
The only thing better than a porch party is: a campfire


34 Menno St.

3-3:45 pm

1 Response to To The Trees

  1. Larry and Bernice Kuepfer says:

    Hey We would love to host a Music Event in July 2017! We are wondering if you are intrested in performing along with other groups? We live one hour west of Kitchener.

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