Royal City Ukulele Ensemble (RCUE)

Band Name:
Royal City Ukulele Ensemble (RCUE)

Band Members:
Cynthia Kinnunen, Carolyn McLeod, Mary Roberts, Alisa McRonald, Matthew Cibulka, Katherine Matthews, Arlene Margosian, Wendy Durigon, Jeannette Bisbee, Lorelei Girouard, Sarah Oliver, Amie Willoughby, Andrea Wyshniowsky, Melanie Berard, Anna Pye-Clifford, Michele Parsons, Beverly Nuttall, Tanya Ross, Lynette Stradesky

Anything goes!

Royal City Ukulele Ensemble is a fun adult uke ensemble from Guelph that plays a variety of music from early 20th century ditties to present day top 40 hits and everything in between. And we love when audiences sing along.


50 Menno St.

2:20-3:30 pm

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