Doug Larson & Steve Knox

Doug LarsonBand Name:
Doug Larson & Steve Knox

Band Members: 
Doug Larson & Steve Knox

Scientific philosophical rock

Doug Larson and Steve Knox have just released a new record entitled “Things that need to be said”.  It is a 12 song set on vinyl and available too as a digital download.  Vinyl requires of the listener that they sit in front of a machine rather than running around with earbuds.  That’s why we chose it.  But the download option leaves the other door open too.  The music is about engaging in a scientific war on dogma and can be experienced for free first at

Our GPP birthday wish would be: to have another GPP.
We conserve water by: not drinking it… we try to stick with wine.
Our favorite thing about Waterloo region is: the Elmira Maple Syrup festival
The only thing better than a porch party is: the Hillside Festival


71 Alexandra Ave.

2-3:30 pm

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