City ‘n’ Eastern

Band Name:

Band Members:
Brent Hagerman, Paul McInnis, Scott Wicken playing with, The Butcher’s Wife Band Chris Malleck, Lauren Reedy, and Shelley Young.

Singer/Songwriter, Roots, Traditional, Folk etc…

These diverse musicians have played in Folk, Blues, Reggae and Rock combos and have found common ground in great songs, acoustic music and strong friendships. The years go by; they hone their craft; the music gets better and better.

Our GPP birthday wish is: to have lots of people show up to the birthday party.
We conserve water by: showering collectively.
Our favourite thing about Waterloo Region is: not Oktoberfest.
The only thing better than a Porch Party is: a Kitchen Party.


54 Euclid Ave.

2-5 pm

1 Response to City ‘n’ Eastern

  1. shoshona magill says:

    I don’t see you on the schedule, what address and time are you playing???

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