aislesBand Name:

Band Members:
Wesley Hebebrand (vocals, guitar)
James Barr (guitar, vocals, mandolin)
Steve Giuricich (bass guitar)
Evan Hebebrand (drums)

Indie rock

Our style is fluid – somewhere between indie, folk, rock, alternative, or bluegrass on any given day. We don’t limit our writing to a formula or a genre: we try to find the best way to tell each story, and we bring a lot of energy to that. We’ve released 3 independently produced albums since 2012, and we’re currently building our fourth using a new concept. Every month we release a new track on YouTube, SoundCloud, and our official site, so we can hear from our audience long before we compile a physical album.

Our GPP 5th birthday wish is: for the GPP to have greater success this year than the last four years combined!
We conserve water by: installing rain barrels at home (totally awesome if you’re a gardener), reusing old tea / drinking water to hydrate house plants, installing taps that are easy to turn off while your hands are wet (makes a surprising difference).
Our favourite thing about Waterloo Region is: How tight everything is! The community, the local businesses, and even the physical distance between places. It’s easy to get around Waterloo region, whether on foot, bike, or other forms of transportation. It’s easy to meet people, because the core is so vibrant, and that’s where the people are. It’s amazing to live in a city that’s working so hard to limit urban sprawl.
The only thing better than a porch party is: a Grand Porch Party!


21 Menno St.

4:30-5 pm


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