Ace Ting

Ace Ting

Fingerstyle Guitar

Fingerstyle guitar is a contemporary playing style that combines traditional fingerpicking with modern, percussive techniques. Drawing from a background in jazz bass and classical violin, Ace simultaneously combines distinct melodies with bass and rhythm patterns to emulate a larger group of musicians.

My GPP birthday wish is: clear skies on June 14th!
I conserve water by: installing limiters on all my shower heads.
My favourite thing about Waterloo Region is: its diversity! The urban centres are filled with high-level technological and academic institutions but also fosters an eclectic art/music scene.
The only thing better than a porch party is: two…porch parties?

Facebook: AceTingMusic
Instagram: acetingplaysguitar
YouTube: AceTing91

28 Euclid Ave.

3:30-4 pm

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