The Beagles of Cambridge

Band/Artist Name: The Beagles of Cambridge

Members: Heather Fowler, Johnny Galata, Pete Lundrigan, Jim Simpson, Cyndi Cartright, John Kmet

Complete the following:
Music is better than fishing because: the scales don’t stink

What’s your favourite community, and why? Most of us in the band are from Franklin Pond community in Cambridge. We love it because the neighbours are friendly, gregarious people who want to get to know one another, and many of us sit on our porches and play guitar and sing in the summer months. Mostly Eagles and Beatles tunes (hence our name!) That is how the Beagles of Cambridge got put together.

What three ingredients make up your ideal Grand Porch Party? Good music, Organization, Happy fans!


Playing at: 64 Avondale, 2-3:00 p.m.

Beagles of Cambridge

Beagles of Cambridge

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