Scott Wicken

Band/Artist Name: Scott Wicken (who will also be jamming with Brent Hagerman, Paul McInnis, Shelley Young, Chris Malleck and Lauren Reedy)

Complete the following:

Music is better than eggplant, except for very exceptional baba ghanouj and eggplant parmesan where total equality with music can be reached, but this is very rare, and really, if you add enough garlic and cheese to anything it’s much better… so it’s not a very fair comparison. Hmm… this question is much more difficult than we initially thought.

What’s your favourite community, and why? Favourite community is the world family… all of us related and harmonious… and it really is nice when everybody shows up to the world family picnics and brings something other than potato salad.

What three ingredients make up your ideal Grand Porch Party? Ideal Grand Porch Party would involve fair weather, fine people and an abundance of cool refreshing beverages.


Playing at: 54 Euclid

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