Lynn Jackson & Chris Boyne

Band/Artist Name: Lynn Jackson

Members: Lynn Jackson and Chris Boyne

Complete the following:

Music is better than TV because: of the rewards of a shared experience between the performer and the audience.  The energy, feedback and experience live will always be more exciting than watching music from your television, in my humble opinion.

What’s your favourite community, and why? My favourite community is the local K-W one, because this is where I got my start performing 15 or so years ago. This is where I’ve met friends, fans, mentors, who’ve seen me grow as a songwriter/musician since the beginning. And this town has so much musical talent within it’s borders!

What three ingredients make up your ideal Grand Porch Party? Enthusiastic, music-loving hosts, easy access to the street where people walking by can easily hear acoustic music, and an area with a lot of music-fan folks walking by/around 🙂


Playing at: 51 Avondale, 2-3:45 p.m.

Lynn Jackson

Lynn Jackson

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