Onion Honey

Names: Joey Bell, Esther Wheaton and David Pike

Perform as: Onion Honey

Home is: Kitchener-Waterloo

Five words that describe our style: Deliciously stellar blend of old-time and jug-band.

We’re playing the GPP because: We love to share our music with those that enjoy listening to it, and meeting people that share our love for foot stompin’.

We hope: Lots of people come out to support local music and take in artists they have never heard before.

Fave spot on the Grand River: Below any bridge that crosses over the river, because there is that eerie sense of magic when you can hear the water echoing in the cavernous support beams and the bridge’s construction. Also it is a refuge from the wind and rain and offers shelter to all kinds of creatures.

We conserve water by: Having very few showers and using greywater from the shower to flush the toilet.

Onion Honey

Onion Honey

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