Chuck Baker + Sarah Lichti

Names: Chuck Baker and Sarah Lichti

Home is: Waterloo/Stayner, ON

Five words that describe our style: Folk, Harmony, Acoustic, Singers, Songwriters.

We’re playing the GPP because: We love the unique format of this event and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We love the idea of standing on someone’s porch and playing for the people on the street in the open air.

We hope: To catch the attention of the people passing by; to make a connection through our music and give them a reason to pause. (We love the resonant quality of a good ol’ wooden porch when we stamp our feet!)

Fave spot on the Grand River: Living far apart, it can be a challenge to get together to make music. Just outside of Grand Valley there is a point where the road crosses the Grand River. This marks the half-way point when we travel back and forth. When we see the river, we feel a little closer together.

Sarah Lichti and Chuck Baker

Sarah Lichti and Chuck Baker

1 Response to Chuck Baker + Sarah Lichti

  1. Robert says:

    Hey , Its Robert nice to see your doing stuff , god bless

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