Previous Performers

The Grand Porch Party has been happy to host so many talented musicians on a sunny Sunday afternoon in June. This year will be bigger than ever no doubt as acts new and old come together to celebrate our community. Below you’ll find a list of those artists who have joined us through out the years.


  • Acoustic Steel
  • Ashley Dean
  • Birch
  • Brent Hagerman
  • Charlena Russell and students
  • Dan Walsh
  • Empire School GPP Choir
  • Failte Band and friends
  • Gaedelica
  • Ian Reid
  • Jojo Worthington
  • Juneyt
  • Katelyn and Trevor
  • Lucas Stagg with Tanya Philipovich
  • Lynn Jackson and Chris Boyne
  • New Horizons music ensembles
  • Paul McInnis
  • Paul Rempel
  • Phil Lehmann
  • Robb Hill Band
  • Run Coyote
  • Scott Wicken
  • Shelley Young
  • Tamara Sandor
  • The Beagles of Cambridge
  • The Butcher’s Wife
  • The Fancy Dicks
  • The Kramdens
  • The Pollinators
  • The Short Films
  • The Skalywags
  • The Sleepy Valley Boys
  • The Vaudevillian
  • Todd Donald
  • Quiet in the Land

Rain, schmain! There’s a party goin’ on @ GPP 2014.





* Acoustic Steel
* Jakki Annerino and Wayne Cheater
* The Billie Hollies
* Black and White Gospel
* Marion and Robert Brown
* Tricia Brubacher
* Childebeast
* Lawrence Cresswell
* Brooke Dufton
* Brent Hagerman, Scott Wicken and Paul McInnis
* Amy Carson Hunter
* Dave King
* Lazu Lie
* Lucky Stabb
* Alex Machidon
* Jesse Maranger
* Jess and Chris Martin & Friends
* Ted Parkinson, Emerson Maxwell and friends
* Sam Nabi
* Mike Riehl aka Bear Canada
* Pat Skinner
* Tynan Bramberger
* Jackie and Heidi Wall


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