We’re re-jigging things a bit

Okay GPP fans, the countdown is on! 12 days to go which means our team has been a bunch of busy bees. Be sure to check back often because we’ve got a bunch of information coming your way.

This year we’re shuffling around a bit and because we know how much you love to plan your day, we’ve created a new boundary map to help you get into the mind frame about where you’ll like to spend your time.


We’re moving the party a bit closer to Waterloo Public Square and Short St. so that you can have a seamless transition between GPP fun times and visiting our Open Streets friends hanging out in the parking lots along Caroline St S. and Waterloo Public Square.

Didn’t know Open Streets was also happening June 12? Head over to their webspace to learn more about the day.

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Porch party season is officially go!

We know, we know, it’s -8 and there’s a bunch of snow on the ground but with all the porch party planning happening around the region hopefully we can get spring back on track.

This year there are four fantastic porch parties to hit up so get those calendars ready.

summer porch.png

We’ll have lots more GPP news comin’ at ya soon so stay tuned!

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Hey you awesome musicians! Come and play the GPP 2016!

— Applications are now closed —

Applications are NOW OPEN to play the Grand Porch Party on Sunday, June 12, 2016. Woot! Woot!

The event runs from 2pm to 5pm. Performers and bands of all ages and genres are welcome to apply. Typical sets are 45 minutes to 1 hour, but that’s just an average. Let us know what you’re interested in, and send us a recording or demo.

Please fill out the form below to apply, and make sure to include a link to your music, or to send a file to info @ grandporchparty.com.

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Help make summer magic!

Want to help create the best little festival in Waterloo Region? Have a hankering for grassroots fun? Want to be part of a dedicated, fun team? Then join the Grand Porch Party organizing committee!

We are currently recruiting new members to help make GPP 2016 happen. Committee members work together and independently, meet every 4 to 6 weeks, and have a lot of laughs on the day. This year’s event will be Sunday, June 12.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who applied! It’s going to be a great team this year. Stay tuned for deets about how to be an event volunteer (and get to wear an oh-so-hot orange GPP pinnie). Oh yeah!

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Another delightfully damp and darling kick at the can

After spending hours looking between the sky, the clock, and the radar, GPP 2015 became GPP 2015: West coast edition. We channeled our inner Vancouverites and along with all your smiling faces, had another delightful event. GPP_photo01

After 2014 and now 2015, we’ve become pretty much professional rain event holders and you have all become rain event superstars. We’re continuously blown away by our attendance numbers and this year is no exception. Rain aside, we saw a huge crowd come out this year and we want to thank you from the bottom of our porch loving hearts.

There are a few other people we need to thank as well, starting off with our sponsors. A big thank you to the City of Waterloo and the Uptown West Neighbourhood Association. Thank you for helping us stay insured, being so supportive of our crazy idea, and of course for helping with the Grand Porch Potties. An equally large thank you to our food sponsor, GoGo Mart! Thank you for making sure our fantastic musicians are fuelled up and ready to sing the afternoon away. And of course, a giant thank you to our musician sponsors, Insight Eye Care, Durrell Communications, Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement, and Words Worth Books. Your dedication to ensuring that fair work begets fair pay (or in our case, a small honorarium) is the first step in keeping communities accountable to artists.

GPP_photo04Then, there’s our environmental partner, the Grand River Conservation Foundation! Thank you for coming out and celebrating Canadian Rivers’ Day with us, sharing your insight into the ever changing world of environmental protection, and helping our attendees learn more about the grand river watershed.

To our musicians – you are what makes this entire event possible. People come to see you, to hear you, to share in your artistry and we are forever grateful that you’ve chosen to spend your time with us. Thank you for sharing your gifts and stories with us. Your talent never ceases to amaze us.

To our porch hosts and to those who so quickly volunteered to be “shelter porches” for the day should we run into a thunderstorm, thank you for opening your homes up to the neighbourhood. Thank you for promoting a culture that embraces front yards instead of backs. Thank you for giving us a hand and letting us share the afternoon with you.

GPP_photo03Finally, a big thank you needs to go out to our planning committee. Thank you for volunteering your time, pulling long hours, running around like crazy, giving up your evenings, and helping put together another amazing year of community, art, and environment. You all rock!

Not done with the porch party fun? Let’s see those photos! You can catch some pictures of GPP2015 on our Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll be adding more images throughout the next few weeks as we compile everything. Check back in July for details about GPP2016!

We can’t say it enough – thank you, thank you, thank you!

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It’s today, it’s today: a weather update. 

We said “rain or shine”. But what about thunderstorms?

It’s a mixed weather outlook for GPP#5. As of this morning, we still plan to go ahead with the event, starting at 1:50pm. 

If a storm does come through, we will halt the event. Crowds will be able to seek shelter at Waterloo Town Square, and at a number of “shelter porches” in the neighbourhood. (GPP volunteers will have a list of those shelter points, so just look for someone in a stylish orange pinny.)

If a series of massive storms has us in the crosshairs, and Environment Canada issues extreme weather alerts, we will have to cancel the event. We will issue cancellation notices on Twitter, Facebook, and on the blog, so watch those channels. (We’re really hoping that won’t happen, though!)

For now, cross your fingers, bring your umbrella, and come join us for what is promising to be an interesting afternoon!

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That’s a Canadian summer for ya – some notes, tips, and must haves

Hey GPP fans! With only one day until the big event, we’re gearing up and making sure to pack our rain boots, umbrellas, and rain coats because rain or shine, the GPP lives on! It seems that after an abnormally dry May, we’re having a particularly damp June.

Rest assured, though: we’ll still have a blast!

As always, here’s your run down on what to bring, and what not to bring, on GPP Sunday.

To bring!

1. If it’s raining: Umbrellas, rain boots, and raincoats. Don’t get caught off-guard should it rain (but hope desperately it doesn’t). If it’s sunny: Hats, sunscreen, and a water bottle (which you can refill at the UWNA Freezie tent).

2. Cash monies (if you’re interested) for: a BRFCxGPP t-shirt, CDs and other porch party musician swag. Please keep in mind, the t-shirts are limited run and we only have so many of each size.

3. The 2015 Performance Map. Print one off, or save it as a pdf on your phone for easy access. There will be a few street signs in case you’re looking for one band in particular. Or if you’re an adventurer, just wander till your ears find something great.

4. A fold-up chair or blanket. Those front lawns aren’t decorative! You’re welcome to use them!!

5. A pup or a little one, if you have one! You’re also welcome to bring treats with you to enjoy while you’re listening to the beauty tunes we’re hosting. (We ask that any garbage brought into the neighbourhoods is taken out with you when you go.)

To leave at home!

1. Lawn mowers, BBQs, boom boxes, and fireworks. We ask that GPP-ers keep in mind that the event is not licensed and alcohol is not permitted. The police won’t be too keen on that.

And a few more thoughts…

1. The streets are not closed
Uptown Waterloo West isn’t known as being an overly busy neighbourhood and street entrances will be well marked by our fantastic poster crew, but keep in mind that cars could be driving through. Be sure to give them lots of space while you’re listening to all of our fantastic musicians and keep an eye on any little ones that may be roaming.

2. The event belongs to the community
That means that it’s for everyone, of all ages, all abilities, from anywhere in the region! Grab a wagon, grab a bike, throw on some shoes and come on out and have fun!

3. We’re kicking off bagpipe style at 1:50 p.m.
Switching it up is what we love to do and this year, we’re kicking off with Piper in the Burg at 1:50 p.m.

4. Keep an eye out for our Sustainability Fund watering cans. Love what you see and hear? Help us keep doing it!

and most importantly…

5. HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! If you need anything what so ever, drop by the GPP Merch Tent or ask a volunteer in an orange GPP pinny for a hand.


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