Who. When. Where!

Time to plan your perfect GPP day. The 2017 Performance Map is now available!


Check out our 2017 Musician Line-Up for links to performer details. If you haven’t already, join us on Facebook and Twitter and gear-up for Sunday.

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NW Roofing


The following guest post was written by our friends at NW Roofing.

Honesty is the best policy. So in the interest of full disclosure, let us start by stating that we’ve actually never attended the Grand Porch Party before. There, we said it.

That doesn’t mean that we’ve never been to the lovely community of Uptown Waterloo West. In fact, quite the opposite is true. We’ve likely been places that most residents have never been; up on the rooftops! That’s right, we’ve been warmly welcomed into many homes, consulted with homeowners, toured attics, inspected eavestroughs and walked on the rooftops. You wouldn’t believe the view!

So, when we were approached to sponsor the 2017 Grand Porch Party, it was an easy decision. We’ve been serving the region for over 35 years and it is communities like Uptown Waterloo West that keeps our business humming; referrals by neighbours and recommendations from satisfied customers. Thanks for that, by the way!

We like to think of ourselves as a reliable community partner. Events like the Grand Porch Party are important to create strong, tight knit communities. What better way to develop relationships with your neighbours than over some amazing local music – right outside your door! We are so pleased to give back to a community that has supported us over the years.

We wish everyone in the region a very happy Grand Porch Party! Here’s to a day of music, neighbours and that incredible view.

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Words Worth Books


The following guest post was written by our friends at Words Worth Books

Words Worth Books has proudly sponsored the Grand Porch Party since its second year, seeing it as a phenomenal community-builder. Walking around the neighbourhood, stopping to catch an event or two, seeing so many familiar faces, is exactly the type of heartfelt initiative that appeals to us! Each year we’ve seen the organization grow its passionate volunteers, after a well-deserved Waterloo Region Arts Award for Best New Festival.

The Grand Porch Party nurtures first-time and seasoned performers and showcases our local talent in a vibrant, grassroots style, where everyone is invited to drop by. It also encourages neighbours to spend time together in collaboration and in celebration of porch culture, where friends swing by for a cold drink (there are usually kids selling lemonade – which makes our entrepreneurial hearts soar!) and some quality time. And the best part is how GPP defines “neighbour”. Every year I see the organizers reach far beyond the boundaries of Uptown West to encourage people to make it their neighbourhood for the day, enticing music-lovers to walk around and take in a performance, stopping to say hi to someone they know or to make a new acquaintance. Far from being defined by the physical boundaries of a neighbourhood, the GPP reminds us that any friendly space can fit a Region’s worth of people –and everyone is welcome!

Worth Worth Books applauds this people-first approach to inclusionary events and we look forward to it every year. We are a stone’s throw outside of the Uptown West limits but because of GPP, we feel like honorary residents. Thank you for inviting us to your porch these past few years, neighbours!!

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Insight Eye Care


The Grand Porch Party wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of our Sponsors. One of our sponsors, Insight Eye Care, has been there for us since almost the very beginning.

Insight is a member of our Uptown community (seriously, check out their new location) and we’re touched that the GPP holds a special place in their hearts. Read their blog post about it here.

The Insight team will be cruising through the neighbourhood this year, handing out some Sloth swag. Stop them. Hug them. Thank them for making the GPP possible year-after-year.

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2017 Musician Line Up


It’s almost the end of May and GPP organizers are starting to shift into high gear; the GPP is almost upon us! In less than a month our Uptown West neighbourhood will be filled with fantastic music. You may ask yourself, how does the GPP find and choose our musicians?

This year we received a wide variety of amazing applications from local musical acts. It was very difficult to choose our final set. If your submission wasn’t selected, or you’re interested in applying in the future, keep an eye out for next March’s Musician Call.

Once our acts are selected we begin our musical puzzle; pairing porches and performers! We take into account performance length, porch size and music type in order to ensure a schedule and layout that makes sense. There’s lots of arranging, confirming, arranging and re-jigging, but in the end it always works out.

The 2017 Grand Porch Party is so pleased to announce the following line-up. Stay tuned for our Performance Map and Schedule.

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Porches Make it Possible!


Since 2011, The Uptown West Neighbourhood has hosted the Grand Porch Party on the second Sunday of June. Nearly thirty local musicians take post on house porches between Alexandra Ave. and  Dawson St. (north and south boundary) and  Avondale Ave. and Short St. (west and east boundary), for an afternoon of connecting with others, enjoying the warm weather and appreciating the immense musical talent that resides in the Waterloo Region.  

Aside from securing talented musical acts (and there are many), a key component of the porch party is finding neighbours who are willing to have musicians play on their porch. Whether the porch is large or small, wooden or carpeted, storage for toys or strollers or a lemonade sipping summer sanctuary, one thing is for sure – there would be no porch party without  the porches and our generous neighbours who provide them.

Fortunately for the Grand Porch Party Planning Committee, finding porches has never been a problem.  Our neighbours in Uptown West have been wonderful supporters of the Grand Porch Party and are often willing to go above and beyond to help make the event a success. Some extras that porch hosts have helped with over the years include allowing for a porta-potty on their property, encouraging young artists to cover their driveways in chalk or providing a spot on their front lawn for an information and merchandise tent.  Many hosts provide their porch year after year.

In reflecting on the support we receive from our porch hosts during the Grand Porch Party I am reminded of the cultural significance of porches throughout history. Traditionally, porches represented ideals of family and neighborliness while connecting people with nature and their surroundings.  Before automobile traffic, computer screens, TV’s and air conditioning our porches brought communities together. Thank-you to our porch hosts for your continued support and for assisting in reviving the original purpose of the porch.

If you are interested in providing your Porch for the Grand Porch Party please contact the Grand Porch Party Planning Committee at info@grandporchparty.com

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Volunteers Needed for Grand Porch Party


Want to be part of one of KW’s best grassroots, community driven music festivals? Well here’s your chance! It’s Grand Porch Party volunteer time and  in order to make this year’s GPP the very best yet, we need your help. Don’t be shy or assume your help isn’t needed. We NEED YOU! The GPP does not happen without neighbourhood volunteers!

All of the volunteer roles are short-term and FUN and offer opportunities for those with different interests, skills and schedules.

And yes, high school volunteer hours are credited!

Sounds like something you’re interested in? Well then, email our Volunteer Coordinators, Larissa and Susan at GPPVolunteers@gmail.com

Below is a brief description of what we are looking for help with:

Neighbourhood (and beyond) Postering Team
Time Commitment:
1.5 hours

Duties: Put up about 25 posters in an assigned area between Saturday May 27 and Saturday June 3.

Do you walk, push a stroller or ride a bike in the Uptown West Neighbourhood and beyond? Do you walk regularly along King Street in Uptown Waterloo? This might be a position for you. This might be a good family volunteering opportunity.

Sign Installation and Takedown Team
Time commitment:
 As little as 1 hour.  Installation to happen the day and hours before the event, Saturday June 10 or Sunday morning, June 11.

Duties: This team will install signs on host lawns and also directional signs for event. The team will then return at the end of the event at 5pm and collect the signs and return them to their storage spot.

GPP Ambassador/Street Monitor Team
Time commitment:
1.25 hour. Do you like chatting to and helping people? Do you love the Grand Porch Party? This position might be for you.

Duties: You will help keep people safe by encouraging patrons to keep to the sidewalks and you will provide general information about the event. You will have a map and information. Some new positions have been added this year to include sidewalk chalk and a selfie wall. Plus!  You will get wear a bright orange Grand Porch Party vest during your shift.

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