Neo Developments

Copy of Untitled Design.png We have Neo Developments, back again to sponsor another year. This time around their band Weiss Blau will be performing as well, so be sure to check them out! NEO is definitely a fixture in our community; slowly transforming it with their efficient, effective and modern structures!

We decided to ask them a few more questions this year:

Best sun protection to wear to a porch party? Sombre

Your favourite concert you have ever been to? Chuck Berry. 1968. WLU

Favourite local spot to grab a meal? Ethel’s

What is your current favourite band? Daddy Longlegs 

What is your favourite thing about the porch party? People watching

What is the best snack to eat on a porch? Popcorn

Do you prefer a blanket on the grass or a chair to watch musicians at the porch party? Neither, I am a stander

Favourite song of the moment to blast at work? Classical

Who would you love to see perform at Grand Porch Party? Daddy Longlegs


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Insight Eye Care


Our sponsors make the Grand Porch Party possible! Insight Eye Care is one of our greatest supporters, sponsoring the GPP since almost the very start. Their location on Albert Street is so fresh and inviting and their staff is the best. Neil Moser, the Sales & Marketing Manager at Insight Eye Care was kind enough to even make a blog post of his own for us! You can find it here.

We’ve also shared it below:

What is your favourite thing about the porch party?

The sense of community connectedness. I very much enjoy walking around listening to great music and chatting with friends and neighbours that I don’t get to see that often.

Best sun protection to wear to a porch party?

When you attend the Grand Porch Party, you are supporting independent musicians so I would recommend wearing sunglasses made by an independent eyewear designer. When it makes sense for your lifestyle, it’s the little guys we need to support, not multinational corporations. One of our favourite smaller independent brands is Vinylize. Handmade in Budapest, these frames are made from the pressing of vinyl records – perfect for all you music lovers out there!

Do you prefer a blanket on the grass or a chair to watch musicians at the porch party?

Blanket for sure. We sit traditionally too often. I like being closer to the earth – even if it means sitting on a curb!

Your favourite concert you have ever been to?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ooooh, this one is tough. I will name a few for a variety of reasons. The Kills for their brilliant indie rock vibe and lead singer Alison Mosshart’s stage energy. Janelle Monae for her powerful messages and slick lyrics. Beyoncé for everything – bow down.

Favourite local spot to grab a meal?

Aroma Café, Waterloo’s only coffee roaster and KW’s first. A lot of their food is Korean-inspired and they have many healthy options that are absolutely delicious. All of the staff are super friendly to boot.

What is your current favourite band?

Source: Wikipedia

I have so many, but I’ll go with Weezer at this moment. Weezer dropped their first iconic album, the Blue Album, in 1994 and they are still producing fantastically relevant music. I love Zombie Bastards and Can’t Knock the Hustle off of the Black Album, just released this year.

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Our Environmental Partner: Water Without Borders

WWBTile-02We are so grateful to be partnering again with Waters Without Borders. Water Without Borders is led by a member of our Uptown Waterloo West community Amanda Sills. Amanda has organized a Paint Nite fundraiser on Tuesday May 14, 2019 at 7pm at Crossroads Board Game Cafe in Waterloo. Click here for tickets. When you buy a ticket to this event, $15 will be donated to the charity above.

Water is so very important to us and that’s one of the main reasons why the Grand Porch Party was created. Every year, our neighbourhood music festival falls on Canadian Rivers Day and we recognize this with a name in honour of the Grand River Watershed. Now you know we’re Grand in more than one way!

For us, being environmental isn’t just in our name, it’s in our DNA. We’re mindful of the impact our event has on the community and look to improve our practices each year.

A little more info about Waters Without Borders:Water is essential to life, yet there are many that go without clean water every day. Water Without Borders was created from the understanding that lack of safe drinking water has such a devastating impact on all facets of life – especially the life of children. Water Without Borders is a non-profit organization with an international reach, dedicated to providing sustainable sources of safe drinking water and sanitation to children’s schools and orphanages all over the globe!

Water Without Borders is continuing to raise money for the First Nations Water Project in the community of Pikangikum in Northern Ontario, but a much more urgent need has come up in Haiti.

During the crisis there, the government services were shut down and water was not being delivered to some very vulnerable areas. Water Without Borders was on the ground there and were able to deliver water to some of the more crucial areas where elderly, disabled and children live. Thankfully, some of the needs have been alleviated, however, they are still receiving numerous requests for help everyday. Water Without Borders will continue their efforts to come up with a long term solution to bring water, sanitation and hygiene to schools in Haiti to prevent the spread of cholera and other communicable diseases. 








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Calling all Musicians: We need you for the 2019 Grand Porch Party!

Applications are NOW OPEN for our 9th Annual Grand Porch Party!

Where would the GPP be without the incredible performances of amazing local musical groups? Therefore, we’re asking musicians of all genres and experience to apply by clicking here. Don’t delay, applications close on April 30, 2019!

Not a musician? That’s okay! You can do your part by spreading the news to your musical friends, family and neighbours. When it comes to applications, the more the merrier!


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Four All Ice Cream

Artboard 3 copy 2-100

Our last sponsor to introduce you to, but not definitely least (especially for all the members the GPP committee with sweet teeth), is FourAll Ice Cream!  Our food sponsor is generously donating ice cream to our talented musicians, but they are also setting up shop for Partygoers in the parking lot of the Alexandra Day Care at 68 Alexandra St from 2-5pm. We may or may not have strategically placed them across the street from the GPP Information tent for the benefit of the GPP committee, who’s to say?

There will be a little something for every taste tomorrow at the Grand Porch Party.  All of the delicious products served by FourAll Ice Cream are locally sourced, and the team at FourAll Ice Cream are dedicated to creating new and interesting flavour combinations for each of their main categories, childhood, foodie, vegan, and classic.  With their community based approach and their commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices, we feel FourAll Ice Cream is the perfect fit for the Grand Porch Party!

The intrepid Ajoa, who founded FourAll Ice Cream in 2016, revealed her ideal summer porch relaxation scenario with a touch of wistfulness, because let’s be honest, what ice cream shop owner has any free time in the summer? When she can find a spare moment away from the churn, you can find her sipping spiked ginger lemonade on a Muskoka chair.  And her answer to the eternal question, cup or cone? Cone, since “edible containers are so much better!”

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Our Essential GPP Tips

Artboard 4-100

Are you gearing up for another year of Grand Porch Party fun tomorrow? Or, maybe it’s your first time attending and you’re not quite sure what to expect. Either way, we’ve got you covered with a quick list of tips and essentials for making the most out of your day!

Bring Your Own (Water) Bottle

Each year, we strive to make the Grand Porch Party as environmentally-friendly as possible. That’s why we encourage you to bring your own refillable water bottle or travel mug (refillable at the Children’s Music Garden). You can even go the extra mile and bring your own spoons for ice cream, too!

Go Paperless

While we’ll have some printed maps for those who want them, you can download the event map and schedule on your phone so you’ll know exactly when and where your favourite musicians are performing all while reducing paper waste! It’s a win-win!

Stash the Cash

While the Grand Porch Party is completely free to attend, we encourage you to come prepared with cash so you can scoop up some ice cream from Four All, merch from the musicians, one of our new Grand Porch Party T’s designed by Jon Johnson or to make a donation to Water Without Borders. We will also be accepting donations to help pay the musicians for their time, talents and effort.

Getting Around

While some street parking is available, it may be easier – and more sustainable – to take public transit, ride your bicycle, or if you’re in the neighbourhood, simply walk on over! Once you’re here, we urge you to exercise caution on the roads as they won’t be closed to traffic.

Dress for the Weather

It’s looking like sun this weekend, but can never predict these things! Luckily, the porch party will go on – rain or shine! Come prepared with your sunnies, hats and sun block or suit up in your raincoat, depending on the forecast!

Take a Seat

While some of the neighbour homes may put out a few chairs for those in need, you are more than welcome to bring your own to the event! Although, it’s likely you’ll be to busy wandering or dancing to take a seat!

How are you preparing for this Sunday’s Grand Porch Party? Let us know in the comments below!

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Durrell Communications

Artboard 3 copy-100

If you love the GPP, be sure to thank Melissa Durrell and Durrell Communications! Their long-term sponsorship (since 2015!) keeps the GPP alive and rocking each year. This boutique PR agency is no stranger to the important things happening in our community; it’s their business! They make connections, get people taking and help businesses and professionals share their unique and compelling story to the world!

Get to know Durell Communications. Porch Party style.

Favourite local spot to catch a show?
There are so many great spots in Uptown, but we’re digging the newly opened Patent Social — it’s practically in our office’s backyard. Plus, there’s a great patio!

Favourite spot to catch pre-show/post-show dinner?
We’re so lucky that we have great options in Uptown. One favourite is Red House and we won’t turn down a trip to Harmony for chocolate milkshakes on a beautiful day!

What is your favourite porch party band?
We look forward to hearing Safe As Houses this year, and we’ve always loved Vienna D’Amato Hall’s performances. She’s awesome!

What is your preferred porch drink?
A shared pitcher of lemonade or sangria works for any of us!

Do you prefer a porch swing or Muskoka chair?
What about a Muskoka chair that swings? The best of both worlds!

If your company was a band, what would the band be called?
The Durrell Squirrels

What was your favourite band growing up?
For those of us in the 70s, we listened to Blondie, Bananarama and R.E.M. Those of us from the 90s went for anything from Sarah McLachlan’s ballads to pop to the always classic Barenaked Ladies.

Who would you love to see perform at Grand Porch Party?
There are so many great artists this year, it’s hard to think of who else we’d love to see here. One of us suggests something a little different, Deadmaus, although the rest of us thinks that an acoustic set by Drake would be the dream!


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