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NW Roofing is back, sponsoring the Grand Porch Party for another year! Family-owned and operated, NW Roofing is celebrating 40 years in business! NW’s owner (and all ’round good-guy), Jerred Wagner, is a second-generation roofer who stands behind and under the quality of his work. Whether your roof needs repair, replacement or a second opinion, get in touch with NW Roofing.

We wanted to know where NW stood on some important, porch-related questions:

Favourite porch design/style?
You can’t have a Porch Party without a porch and a good, solid roof! We think a porch topped with Authentic Roof, synthetic slate tiles, would be a showstopper.

Favourite local spot to catch a show?
We think The Boathouse is pretty great.

Favourite spot to catch pre-show/post-show dinner?
There are so many great spots in Uptown Waterloo. We love the idea of strolling down William Street after the Grand Porch Party to Red House for a bite!

What is your favourite porch party band?
There are so many great, local performers that’s it’s hard to choose a favourite! Last year we really enjoyed Safe As Houses and this year we’re looking forward to checking out Unaccompanied Minors!

What is your preferred porch drink?
That’s easy! After a hot day, spent up on the rooftop, we like to kick back with an ice cold beer!

Do you prefer a porch swing or Muskoka chair?
Neither! Any roofer would agree that the best views are always from the roof!

If your company was a band, what would the band be called?
“Raisin’ the Roofers” (Yes, we went there).

Who would you love to see perform at Grand Porch Party?
We’d love to see some classic Canadian rockers at GPP like, Rush, The Guess Who and Neil Young


About grandporchparty

The Grand Porch Party is an annual neighbourhood music event where we take over the porches, and then the streets, for some fab early-summer music. First launched in 2011.
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