The final countdown

GPP photoOh yes, the final countdown is on GPP fanatics and you best believe that we’re channeling our inner 80’s fan and listening to Europe while we’re writing this. We couldn’t be more excited that you’re coming to celebrate the amazing talent found in our region, on Sunday. We’re so excited that we thought we’d let you in on a few secrets.


1. You’ll for sure want to bring the following with you:

  • A bell – keeping with tradition, we’re kicking off the GPP with bells and a choir!
  • A hat and sunscreen – Sunday is supposed to be bright, sunny and feel like 28. We don’t want any lobsters on our hands.
  • Our fancy apps – You can download PictureThis and unlock awesome challenges using the code GPP2014. You can download our event app on the Android store and get the inside scoop on who is playing where and when, all in the palm of your hand. Not an Android user? No worries – grab a copy of our map for your phone and you’re good to go.
  • Water, snacks, and other edibles – You’re welcome to bring treats with you to enjoy while you’re listening to the beauty tunes we’re hosting. We ask that any garbage brought into the neighbourhoods is taken out with you when you go. There will not be trash bins out.
  • An open mind – We’ve got all kinds of tunes lined up for you so take your time strolling around. You never know, you may just discover your new favourite band.

2. You’ll definitely want to leave a few things at home:

  • We ask that porch party goers keep in mind that the event is not licensed and alcohol is not permitted. The police won’t be too keen on that.
  • Lawn mowers, devil sticks, snowpants, and hibachi grills – yeah, we said snowpants.

3. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Where to park – the town square mall is your best bet. Tons of parking, and it’s super close by.
  • Need to use the loo? We’ve got you covered – There are washrooms at the town square mall but, this year we’re bringing in two port-a-potty’s for your use. They’ve been so graciously bestowed upon us thanks to our fantastic sponsors!
  • Drop by the Children’s Music Garden for a slammin’ good, family friendly time.
  • Visit our Environmental Partner, REEP Green Solutions to get the latest and greatest news from the environmental world and how you can take a proactive stance against climate change.
  • Head over to the merch and sponsor tents to see who put this crazy event together, what new favourite albums you can pick up, and to check out the GPP sustainability fund and grab a sweet guitar pick
  • Keep an eye out for kids, cars, and volunteers – Just a reminder that the streets are open and we don’t want any little ones wandering off. If something comes up, let one of our awesome volunteers in orange know and they’ll help you sort it out.

4. Finally, catch up with the hype! We’ve been in the news a solid bit this week.

  • Bob Egan wrote a story about us for the Cord Community Edition
  • GPP founder Tenille chatted with Coral Andrews and gave her the GPP inside scoop
  • and there are a ton of other highlight reels running about the Region.

If we missed something, let us know! First timer? We definitely want to hear your thoughts. Send us a note on Twitter when you’re strolling about, tell us you’re coming on Facebook, and get jazzed! You ready?! Let’s do this. See you in 72 hours.


About grandporchparty

The Grand Porch Party is an annual neighbourhood music event where we take over the porches, and then the streets, for some fab early-summer music. First launched in 2011.
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