In living colour with just 5 days to go

Can you believe there are only five more days until the 2014 Grand Porch Party? For us, time has flown by pretty quickly and things are shaping up nicely for Sunday.

We like to keep our visitors on their toes every year by changing a few things up here and there. Some tweaks are big, some are small but this is one you likely catch straight away.


Bright orange volunteer bibs, what!

We want you to have the best time at the porch party and sometimes that means asking for help or a bandaid, filling out a survey, or scoring some sweet swag. To make it easier for visitors to identify who has the inside scoop, we’ve put together some pretty darling volunteer bibs. Keep an eye out for our community super stars in orange in case you need a hand.

Speaking of which — a note for all of our brilliant helpers: keep an eye on your inbox. A volunteer email will be sent out this week with every detail you could possibly need. From where to go, and what to do, this is one email you’ll want to keep with you the day of.

YAY! 5 more days!


About grandporchparty

The Grand Porch Party is an annual neighbourhood music event where we take over the porches, and then the streets, for some fab early-summer music. First launched in 2011.
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