Things are getting ‘Juicy’

Sponsor week gives us at the GPP an opportunity to say thank you to those community members and businesses that help make our annual event all it can be. A full list of our sponsors can be found under the ‘Sponsors’ towards the top of the page. So far this week, we’ve taken a look at our Event Sponsor – the City of Waterloo – and the first of four Musician Sponsors – Insight Eye Care.

Up next, the Musician Sponsor that keeps us on the road towards a healthy lifestyle, hydrated, and happy: the Waterloo Juice Cartel.


Delicious do-gooders who just launched this month, the Waterloo Juice Cartel, or WJC, sat down with us and answered a few questions about why they’re stoked to be lending the GPP a hand this year. 

What is your business or organization all about?

The Waterloo Juice Cartel is about doing good to ourselves and in our community. We juice and deliver cold-pressed juices within KW. Our bodies are overburdened by a stressful lifestyle, and toxicity from poor diet choices. The Waterloo Juice Cartel can help make better choices, teach  the way to optimal health and make it convenient so you can’t make excuses anymore!

How did your business or organization start?

I (WJC owner, Smita Meinzinger) spent years in a work environment that supported the administration of medication to children with behavioural issues. With a blossoming interest in alternative health, I found my work testing my personal beliefs and values,  so I quit and I enrolled into a Holistic Nutrition Program. I had a burning desire to open up my own juicing business for health seekers everywhere!

Why did you get involved with the Grand Porch Party?

We pride ourselves on local music, local art and environmental initiatives close to home. I had to get involved! We use Community Care Share for delivering juices, use local and organic produce and appreciate a good rock out. Awareness brings change, and that’s why I needed in.

How else do you get involved with the community?

In starting this business, I’ve been able to connect to many local organizations such as Bailey’s Local Foods. When the WJC joined this online farmer’s market, I knew we were supporting local farmers and their families thrive in the community. Sustainability is key.

Are you involved in the independent music or arts community in KW?

We wish! At the moment, you could call us groupies. We absolutely love the talent our community puts out there. We hope to bring the Juice Cartel to local festivals such as the Blues Festival and Buskers Festival in the future.

Do you have any cool environmental initiatives you are working on?

The WJC is constantly looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint and support the sustainability movement. We use mason jars to encourage the 3 R’s, use local and organic produce when possible, and use the Grand River Car Share program to deliver our juicy delights. In the near future, we hope to contribute our pulp to be used as compost at local community gardens, such as those at the Working Centre and the Hacienda.



About grandporchparty

The Grand Porch Party is an annual neighbourhood music event where we take over the porches, and then the streets, for some fab early-summer music. First launched in 2011.
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