10 reasons you won’t want to miss #GPP2013

With three days to go until the big event, are you still sitting on the fence? We hope not but, just in case you are we’ve come up with 10 reasons why you won’t want to miss this year’s Grand Porch Party

10. Regardless of the weather, it’s a great way to kick off the summer! So far, the forecast is looking pretty darn lovely. Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

9. It’s a great opportunity to check out what the Waterloo Region Arts Awards calls the Region of Waterloo’s best new event or festival from 2012. By coming out, you can make it the best event for 2013!

8. Porch Party fever is growing and we became twins! Inspiring Kitchener’s Hohner Porch Party wasn’t the only way. Our fantastic founder, Tenille, had twin girls – Mae & Vela!

7. We’re changing Waterloo Region! Nominated as one of 10 ideas that are changing Waterloo Region by the Cord Community Edition, take this opportunity to come out and explore uptown Waterloo west!

6. The musicians need an audience! All of our musical acts are looking forward to this Sunday’s event. From opera singers and folk rockers, to pop super stars and those crazy Skalywags, there’s something for everyone!

5. Come play on a wooden xylophone at the Childrens’ music garden, which in fact isn’t just for children but for people of all ages! Get your craft thumb on while listening to fantastic music.

4. It’s free and our musicians get paid thanks to our fantastic volunteers and amazing sponsors! With at least half of the acts being new, you’re bound to find a new group or artist that you love. Looking for a GPP alum? We have some major fan favourites revisiting us this year. Don’t forget to print or download a map before heading out!

3. Get social! Hop on Twitter or Facebook and tell us what you’re loving. Take photos, blog, you name it! Connect with the musicians, with the city and with us.

2. To learn about and show our sponsors, our community partner, and the City of Waterloo that all of their support is extremely helpful!

1. Because it’s our third birthday and it really won’t be the same without you!



About grandporchparty

The Grand Porch Party is an annual neighbourhood music event where we take over the porches, and then the streets, for some fab early-summer music. First launched in 2011.
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    A fun musical time! Come on out and sing and dance – or just listen and smile!

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