Ten reasons to come to the Grand Porch Party

If you’re on the fence about attending the Grand Porch Party this Sunday, let us prod you onto the side of “OH MY GOODNESS YES!” with the following 10 reasons you should totally join us (because everyone loves a list…)

1.The tunes. You dig roots and blues? Want to bust out some swing? Swoon for a bit of folk? Only have ears for rock or pop? Think nothing makes a better day than the syncopated rhythms of steel drums? If you can’t find music you like at the GPP, you don’t like music.

2. The Grand River deserves some loving. Sunday is Canadian Rivers Day, so we’ve partnered with Rare Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge to share the love. If you’ve been following our Twitter feed, you’ll have learned a whole lot about our Grand River Watershed, such as: It’s home to 221 wetlands, and 820 archaeological sites show evidence of the presence of native cultures along its banks. It’s home to 80 of the 215 Species at Risk in Ontario, and 29 sewage treatment plants. The river stretches from Dundalk to Lake Erie, where it’s so wide that Great Lakes freighters travel it. We should all give it some lovin’.

3. Porches rock. A good porch is delightful because it is both deliciously rewarding and highly functional. It’s the cherry on the cake, the jaunty-angled-fedora on a wicked outfit, the $5 you forgot was in your winter coat pocket. It’s something to love and appreciate.

4. The outlook is sunny! Or, at least that was the outlook when I checked on Tuesday, which means I am totally not checking again!

5. You can support the local community. The Uptown West Neighbourhood Association will be selling drinks, snacks and t-shirts at the Merch Porch at the corner of Roslin and Alexandra Aves. It’s the UWNA’s first fundraiser (it’s a young organization), so come say hi, find out what it’s about, and sign up for info.

6. Cos the Kids’ Garden isn’t just for kids. Yup – Big kids are totally allowed in the Music Garden too. Bring it!

7. Show the City of Waterloo that all of its help was worth it! The City has been absolutely fantastic and extremely helpful. It waived vendors’ fees for the Musician merch table, allowed the UWNA to sell drinks and snacks, and generally remained super supportive of this community-created event since …er… last time we did this. By coming along on the day, you can show them their support was totally worthwhile.

8. You can win Words Worth Books prize packs! If you fill out one of the surveys on the day, you go into the draw for one prize pack AND there will be another prize pack being raffled to support the UWNA. Visit the Merch Porch at Roslin + Alexandra to check ’em out on Sunday!

9. You can take the music home with you. Did we mention we have a Merch Porch? Pick up a CD from an artist you loved, or someone you missed on the day.

10. Because it just won’t be the same without you.


About grandporchparty

The Grand Porch Party is an annual neighbourhood music event where we take over the porches, and then the streets, for some fab early-summer music. First launched in 2011.
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2 Responses to Ten reasons to come to the Grand Porch Party

  1. Hey – looks like a great event! We paddled the entire Grand at the start of May raising money for tree planting through the GRCA, so what you’re doing hits home. Are you doing a raffle or anything? We could donate some prizes.

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