Expect the unexpected

There’s been good news and sad news at Grand Porch Party HQ. Due to illness, the Peachy Keens are no longer able to play on Euclid Ave this Sunday. We wish the band members all the best under the circumstances.

However, we’ve also had a late addition to the day’s schedule: King Street Brass will take the stage at 29 Euclid Ave. We’re glad to have the band on board, so please add them to your long list of must-sees!

Still wondering where to start on the day?  A printable list has just been added to our Who’s Playing Where page, and the list is below.

And while you’re making plans, check out our Song of the Day, Lucky Stabb’s Walkens the Line! We’ll see you on the street tomorrow afternoon!

128 William St West            3-5pm            Ted Parkinson, Emerson Maxwell and friends

87 Roslin Ave South            3-4pm            Mike Riehl
62 Roslin Ave South            3-4pm            Tricia Brubacher and Julie Corey
.                                                4-5pm            Pat Skinner
50 Roslin Ave South      3-5pm          CHILDREN’S MUSIC GARDEN
48 Roslin Ave South            3-5pm            Acoustic Steel 

25 Dunbar Rd South            3-4pm            Jesse Maranger
.                                                4-5pm            Amy  Carson Hunter
51 Avondale Ave South       3-4pm            Jakki Annerino and Wayne Cheater
.                                                4-5pm            Black and White Gospel
92 Avondale Ave South       3-5pm            Dave King

120 Alexandra Ave               3-4pm            Tynan Bramberger
.                                                4-5pm            Alex Machidon
71 Alexandra Ave                  3-4pm            Lazu Lie
.                                                4-5pm            Childebeast

64 Menno St                          3-5pm            Sam Nabi
53 Menno St                     2:55pm         Alternatives Journal Music Issue Launch FEATURING BROOKE DUFTON
.                                                3:20-4pm      Lawrence Cresswell
50 Menno St                          3-5pm            The Billie Hollies
43 Menno St                          3-5pm            Marion and Robert Brown

29 Euclid Ave                        3-5pm            King Street Brass
47 Euclid Ave                        3-5pm            Jackie and Heidi Wall
54 Euclid Ave                        3-5pm            Brent Hagerman, Scott Wicken and Paul McInnis
62 Euclid Ave                        3-5pm            Jess and Chris martin & Friends
92 Euclid Ave                        3-5pm            Lucky Stabb


About grandporchparty

The Grand Porch Party is an annual neighbourhood music event where we take over the porches, and then the streets, for some fab early-summer music. First launched in 2011.
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