Porch Party Perfection

Feels good when all the pieces fall into place, doesn’t it? Our seventh Grand Porch Party felt near-perfection, with amazing weather, super volunteers, incredible bands and a bumper crowd. So, the Food Trucks didn’t show. I guess you can’t win them all!

A very special thanks to the following:

Mark your calendars now for June 17, 2018 for our seventh Grand Porch Party!

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Can’t get enough Porch Parties? Check out the following regional Porch Parties still happening this summer!

Schneider Creek Porch Party – Saturday, July 22

Preston Porch Party – Saturday, August 26

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Seven Shores Urban Market & Cafe


Each year we like to feed our musicians to make sure they’re fully energized for an afternoon of performing. This year, Seven Shores Urban Market & Cafe has generously donated food (carefully made using locally-sourced ingredients) for all of our musicians! Thank you for providing our talented musicians with a tasty and healthy lunch!

Did you know that Seven Shores is community owned and operated? The core ownership group is made up of 10 people who loved and called Seven Shores home before forming an ownership group together. Over 15 community members also own a piece of Seven Shores through our Community Share program. Yes, that’s pretty awesome.

So, get stop by Steven Shores and support your neighbours!

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Durrell Comm


This boutique PR agency knows the importance of making connections, getting the word out and getting people talking about the important things in our community. It’s because of their celebration of what’s close to home that they continue to be a long-time sponsor.

Melissa Durrell, and the staff at DurrellComm, understand the pulse of the city and apply their expertise in writing, story telling, metrics, and measuring to take a businesses communications plan from zero to hero – in no time flat

DurrellComm calls uptown Waterloo home and as such, is inherently invested in seeing it thrive. By acting as a musician sponsor, they’re helping us show our appreciation to those artists – near and far – who have come to spend the day, celebrating uptown, community, art, and of course, music!

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Your Essential Porch Party Tips


We’ve compiled the following list of tips to help you get the most from your favourite, community music festival! Are we missing something? Let us know in the comments.

  • Get the event schedule on your phone – There are 25 musical acts at the Grand Porch Party! Help reduce the number of printed schedule copies and save the map/program to your phone for you to reference throughout the day.

  • Figure out transportation – While some parking is available, it may be easier to take public transit, ride your bicycle or simply meander to event (depending on where you live). 
  • Dress for the weather – Porch parties happen rain OR shine! We hope for sunshine, but really the music is only silenced by the sound of thunder.
  • Carry light chairs – Even though some homes may put out a few chairs for those in need, you are more than welcome to bring your own. But really, most of the crowd is too busy wandering or dancing to the music to take a seat for too long.
  • Respect roadways – Due to the number of streets involved in the Grand Porch Party, all streets are open to traffic throughout event. Be mindful of cars!
  • Bring your reusables -Let’s all do our part to reduce the need for disposables, especially single use plastics. Bring your own water bottles and even utensils and plates to save on disposables at any food vendors who may be there.
  • Stash some cash – Yes, a porch party is a free event, but you may want to bring some money along in case you want any music merchandise or a tasty snack. Also, the Grand Porch Party accepts donations to help pay the musicians for their time, talents and effort.

  • Be friendly and have a good time!
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Who. When. Where!

Time to plan your perfect GPP day. The 2017 Performance Map is now available!


Check out our 2017 Musician Line-Up for links to performer details. If you haven’t already, join us on Facebook and Twitter and gear-up for Sunday.

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NW Roofing


The following guest post was written by our friends at NW Roofing.

Honesty is the best policy. So in the interest of full disclosure, let us start by stating that we’ve actually never attended the Grand Porch Party before. There, we said it.

That doesn’t mean that we’ve never been to the lovely community of Uptown Waterloo West. In fact, quite the opposite is true. We’ve likely been places that most residents have never been; up on the rooftops! That’s right, we’ve been warmly welcomed into many homes, consulted with homeowners, toured attics, inspected eavestroughs and walked on the rooftops. You wouldn’t believe the view!

So, when we were approached to sponsor the 2017 Grand Porch Party, it was an easy decision. We’ve been serving the region for over 35 years and it is communities like Uptown Waterloo West that keeps our business humming; referrals by neighbours and recommendations from satisfied customers. Thanks for that, by the way!

We like to think of ourselves as a reliable community partner. Events like the Grand Porch Party are important to create strong, tight knit communities. What better way to develop relationships with your neighbours than over some amazing local music – right outside your door! We are so pleased to give back to a community that has supported us over the years.

We wish everyone in the region a very happy Grand Porch Party! Here’s to a day of music, neighbours and that incredible view.

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Words Worth Books


The following guest post was written by our friends at Words Worth Books

Words Worth Books has proudly sponsored the Grand Porch Party since its second year, seeing it as a phenomenal community-builder. Walking around the neighbourhood, stopping to catch an event or two, seeing so many familiar faces, is exactly the type of heartfelt initiative that appeals to us! Each year we’ve seen the organization grow its passionate volunteers, after a well-deserved Waterloo Region Arts Award for Best New Festival.

The Grand Porch Party nurtures first-time and seasoned performers and showcases our local talent in a vibrant, grassroots style, where everyone is invited to drop by. It also encourages neighbours to spend time together in collaboration and in celebration of porch culture, where friends swing by for a cold drink (there are usually kids selling lemonade – which makes our entrepreneurial hearts soar!) and some quality time. And the best part is how GPP defines “neighbour”. Every year I see the organizers reach far beyond the boundaries of Uptown West to encourage people to make it their neighbourhood for the day, enticing music-lovers to walk around and take in a performance, stopping to say hi to someone they know or to make a new acquaintance. Far from being defined by the physical boundaries of a neighbourhood, the GPP reminds us that any friendly space can fit a Region’s worth of people –and everyone is welcome!

Worth Worth Books applauds this people-first approach to inclusionary events and we look forward to it every year. We are a stone’s throw outside of the Uptown West limits but because of GPP, we feel like honorary residents. Thank you for inviting us to your porch these past few years, neighbours!!

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